Why econetiQ?

We have a wealth of experience in both property development, infrastructure and energy industry.

We are ideally placed to provide the EV charging point solutions to residential developers & PRS operators, especially in instances where space is at a premium.

econetiQ provide a fully financed, fully maintained, no hassle provision of EV charging points into new, high density residential developments & communal car parks. This provision is essential to meet increasing EV demand and emerging planning obligations.

Each econetiQ installation is designed to adhere to all relevant planning obligations. We also deliver a future proof solution that easily and cost effectively adapts to the increasing ownership of EV’s as part of the UK Governments “Road to Zero” strategy.

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Cheaper utility connection

econetiQ employ fast charging units which helps to limit investment in costly grid power upgrading by minimising peak EV charge related load.

Lower EV parking provision

By utilising fast charging units and decreasing the time for each vehicle to charge econetiQ will reduce the number of dedicated parking bays necessary.

Economic sense

econetiQ offer developers and landlords a truly zero cost option – with no capital expenditure necessary and a full ongoing maintenance service provided for every charging unit.

Best technology

Optimal and reliable provision of best in class EV fast charging facilities that have the capacity to increase utilisation as demand rises.

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