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EV Achievement

Priors Hall Retail Park, Corby

In partnership with Urban&Civic plc, econetiQ has installed and funded an EV charging hub comprising two dual-socket chargers providing combined power of 167kW to a new district centre development on the outskirts of Corby, Northamptonshire.

Priors Hall, Corby, econetiQ

At a Glance…


1 x 47kW Dual Socket

1 x 120kW dual Socket

A Stones Throw From

Hair Salon, Restaurants, Wellbeing Centre, Business Space, 4320 New Homes


Urban&Civic plc

Parking Spaces




Site Type


Prior’s Hall is a commercial centre that supports a large residential development led by Urban&Civic plc on the outskirts of Corby. The development offers 4,320 new homes, 269,098 square feet of employment floor space, 3 new primary schools, and 2 district centres.

As part of their planning requirement, Urban&Civic plc required EV charging facilities, keen to investigate fully funded options to reduce the financial risk that a large investment provides. econetiQ funded and installed three 22kW charging units, supplied by Sevadis. The site was also future-proofed to enable expansion to rapid charging and in 2022 a 120kW Autel MaxiCharger was installed to offer faster charging to the public. In the summer of 2023, econetiQ delivered the latest stage of development, in conjunction with Amp EV, replacing the 3 x 22kW units with one dual socket 47kW Autel MaxiCharger. These steps were made to make further provisions for EV owners in the local vicinity, following the high utilisation observed with the earlier installed 120kW MaxiCharger.

The MaxiChargers are ideal for customers who have high-volume charging needs. We at econetiQ use Nayax as our payment terminal partner; integrated into both DC chargers, providing contactless payment for EV drivers, reducing the barriers to charging whilst improving the customer journey. The 120kW unit includes a 27-inch LCD user-friendly screen, and the 47kW charger boasts a 21.5-inch LCD screen. Both screens offer local businesses the opportunity to advertise.

There are ample amenities on-site, including food venues, hairdressers, veterinary services, dog groomers, a children’s nursery, a wellbeing centre, and business spaces. For families and individuals living nearby, these chargers are easily accessible. You can find the chargers on Zapmaps here.

econetiQ worked closely with Urban&Civic plc to understand the local power constraints and planning requirements to support the wider development master plan for the area. The site has been funded, planned and is being operated by econetiQ, supported by the delivery of the site upgrade by Amp EV in the summer of 2023. We are happy to be part of the positive sustainable development at this site and look forward to residents and visitors making use of these chargers in line with increased ownership of electric vehicles.

Delivering a site upgrade at Priors Hall Park offers residents and members of the public an increased opportunity to charge their electric vehicles. We are delighted to be supporting electric vehicle ownership across the Corby area.

Rob Millar

Associate Project Manager, Urban&Civic plc

Another project closer to net zero

We at econetiQ are growing the infrastructure of electric vehicle chargers. If you would like to discuss a project with us, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you are interested to advertise your business on our screens in Corby, we would also love to hear from you…

Read about our commitment to the 100 Billion Trees Project here.

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