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EV Achievement

Car Share, PeppercombeAvenue, Exeter

Working in partnership with Co Cars, econetiQ installed and manage one AC 22kW electric vehicle charger, used for car sharing in a beautiful residential spot in Exeter. 

The site as a glance


1 x AC 22kW


Co Cars



Use case

Car Share

In collaboration with Co Cars, econetiQ has delivered one AC 22kW electric vehicle charger in Peppercombe Avenue, a scenic residential area located in Pinhoe, Exeter (What 3 words: ///parade.ranch.smoke).

This charging facility, entirely powered by green energy through a long-standing partnership with Octopus Energy, enables Co Cars members to explore the surrounding coast and countryside, or to utilise the cars for daily commutes and tasks. The charger is easily accessible and located within walking distance for residents of Rougemont Park, a development by David Wilson, part of Barratt Developments.

Co Cars were in need of a straightforward solution that would provide accessible EV charging facilities for their car club members. They also wished to ensure a short charge time for their vehicles. Their electric fleet currently includes Volkswagon ID.3s, Renault Zoes and the Fiat 500e. By providing this electric charger, and those at surrounding Co Cars sites, econetiQ has provided support for the company’s transition to electric vehicles.

econetiQ was happy to deliver this site for Co Cars. When you arrive at Peppercombe, econetiQs charging station offers a user-friendly experience. RFID card access means that you can simply plug in, tap, charge, and go; continuing your journey at ease. If you haven’t already, you can join the Co Cars club here today.

econetiQ work with CoCars on multiple car club sites across Exeter and the Southwest, as the car share network grows. 

We are delighted to have supported EV charging at Peppercombe Avenue.  This is one of many EV car share sites that we are funding and installing in partnership with Co Cars.  For us the EV car share provides a strong base utilisation whilst providing clean shared transport to the local residents and beyond; allowing Co Cars to focus on their core business model.

Max Valentine

Director, econetiQ

Another project closer to net zero

We at econetiQ are growing the infrastructure of electric vehicle chargers. If are a car share provider, you may be eligible for fully funded charging sites. If you would like to discuss a project with us, please get in touch. 

Read about our commitment to the 100 Billion Trees Project here.

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