EconetiQ fund and deliver Ev charging to Baltic Wharf in partnership with Bloor Homes

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EconetiQ fund and install 2 x 22kW fast EV chargers for the residents of Baltic Wharf

A community of 95 residences tied together by pedestrian-friendly streetscape, food-growing areas and a community orchard. Baltic Wharf occupies the gateway to a former timber wharf at the southern edge of Totnes, overlooking the River Dart and flanked by a steep hillside.

After the successful installation of 8 sites in partnership with Bloor Homes, Plum locations and Cocars, econetiQ was selcted to design, fund and operate the EV charging infrastructure for the Baltic Wharf development. Phase 1 consists of 2 x 22kW fast charging units supplied from ProjectEV. The design and delivery was built around the desired location for EV charging and ensuring access for wheelchairs around the bays. The charging infrastructure also includes charging ports for electric bikes to be used by the residents.

Though the bays have primarily been installed with residents in mind, some will be opened up to vistiors and the public use as well. This means that the installation of the units will be able to ensure positive social value in line with the econetiQ strategy.

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The EV chargers were installed and available in November 2021.