The econetiQ solution

The world is moving to electric mobility as EVs become increasing popular.

As National and Local policies focus on reducing harmful emissions, residential developers need to accommodate EV charging solutions.

econetiQ undertake every part of the EV charge point installation process from the initial survey and electric load requirement assessment to ongoing operation and maintenance – we provide a full service installation and maintenance package at no cost.

We work with developers and organisations providing car parking to install the most appropriate and effective solution - EV charging infrastructure is necessary to meet emerging planning obligations and a market demand with increasing EV usage. It is an essential requirement of modern day, intelligent and environmentally friendly mobility.
We are currently in discussions with local councils to provide solutions which deliver the required capacity and adhere to emerging planning requirements. In addition econetiQ can manage and restrict the energy demand which in turn reduces the number of car parking bays required to be allocated to EV charging.

We undertake every part of the EV charge point installation process from the initial survey to ongoing operation and maintenance, providing a full service model at no cost.

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Despite Highways England’s ambition of an EV charge point every 20 miles on the major road networks, the most convenient location to charge an EV will be at home. For those living in apartment blocks, this means the need for efficient and considered EV charging facilities.

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The clients we serve

Who can benefit?

Join other econetiQ clients in making your site available to EVs.

Private Rental Sector

Typically situated in areas where space and car parking are limited a considered EV charging solution is vital. With many young tenants who are passionate about the environmental benefits of Electric Vehicles the provision of charge points to meet their expectations will be essential for the future success of private rental sector properties. 

Destination sites

Retail and leisure outlets are ideal locations for EV charging as customers remain in the area enough time for a meaningful charge. econetiQ work with retail and leisure operators to provide the applicable number of charge points for each location.

Apartment Led Developments

Often situated in urban locations with limited communal car parking facilities a requirement for a convenient Electric Vehicle charging solution is vital.
econetiq work with developers to ensure the most appropriate, low risk solution that is best suited to the occupiers demands, is provided.


EV charging in the workplace is becoming a modern day essential which employers must provide. It will become increasing necessary to attract the best employees. It delivers a lower carbon footprint for your business and if you run vehicle fleets can lead to dramatic savings in operating costs.

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