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Our People, Richard Clarke

EV Aware

Richard Clarke

We settle into a conversation with the first of our victims… Richard Clarke, Director and Co-Founder of econetiQ. Seeking to understand more about one of the masterminds behind the powerhouse that is econetiQ, coffees are sipped and then the talking begins…

Richard, thank you for committing to share your soul, or at least part of it with the world. Tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, what would you like to know? I am a family man, with a keen eye for making the world that my five children will grow up into a better place. I am driven to succeed and have heart in all that I do, maybe too much sometimes, and I occasionally get too passionate, you can say that as well!

I just did! Could you share a bit about your background in the field, including your introduction to the EV industry?

Reflecting on the past, I cut my teeth as a mechanical and electrical services delivery engineer, working on a large heat engine in North Bristol. Next, I was a project manager on Eland House, which at the time was noted as the country’s most energy-efficient office building, also the headquarters of the Environment Agency. For half of the next decade, I was based in Dubai, while the other half saw me as a client project manager in the UK. In 2005 I established my own development business. My focus was on green technology, constructing residences with a dedicated emphasis on low energy consumption, based on my past experiences as a main contractor. We were the first Southwest developers to produce and operate a private communal heat network for 120 apartments, and at the time had the biggest passive house scheme in the Southwest.

Through this experience running a sustainable-minded business, in 2018, I identified a gap in the market for an understanding of the implications for the growing needs of EV charging provision. This realisation prompted conversations with Max Valentine, leading to the creation of econetiQ. The rest is history, shall we say…

Where do you see the EV industry going in the next 10 years?

Looking ahead a decade, envisioning the trajectory of the EV industry is akin to navigating the ‘Wild West.’ As it stands, operationally speaking, the industry progresses in a relatively low regulation landscape, owing to its youth and the constant influx of new technologies. I foresee a shift in the next 10 years, marked by the introduction of comprehensive regulations across the sector.

This maturation will bring about a demand for heightened standardization among providers of charging systems. A market-driven example would be my anticipation of CHAdeMO phasing out, paving the way for the broader adoption of CCS systems. The current surge in EV adoption witnessed in passenger vehicles will extend its reach into long-haul and bulk-haulage transport and in this dynamic landscape, major players are poised to present challenges for smaller companies within the sector.

In essence, the next decade promises a transformative journey for the EV industry, characterised by regulatory maturation, technological standardisation, and the expansion of electric vehicles into diverse realms of transportation. I can’t wait to sign the deal for our first aerial drone charging station, we might even have found a perfect site!

I know that all of the projects are great, yet do you have a favourite?

Choosing a favourite among our projects at econetiQ isn’t easy. We’re pretty selective, only diving into projects we truly believe in. So you could say I have a soft spot for all of them, warts and all!

At the moment, though, the Victoria Retail Park project is stealing the spotlight. It’s shaping up to be our most significant installation to date, clocking in at a robust 800kVA. It’s a substantial undertaking that excites me.

Then there’s the Glasgow hub project. It’s not just a project; it’s a key player in a regenerative scheme in the area. What makes it even more appealing is its standalone nature. No entanglements with other installations. This simplicity is a breath of fresh air in the project delivery realm, providing a silver lining that I can’t help but appreciate.

Tell us about working at econetiQ, what is the work culture you are looking to foster?

I’d sum it up quite simply… I’d like our employees to find fulfilment in their part of the process here at econetiQ.

This reveals a man who is passionate about his work and would like to help others find their interests as well…
Thank you, Richard, it has been truly great getting to know you more!

Join us for our next conversation with Max Valentine, our Co-Founding Director of the EV Charger dream team that is econetiQ…

Author, Tanya Szabo

Author, Tanya Szabo


Tanya is an experienced content writer and marketing strategist, focused on consumer behaviour, user insights and electric vehicle technology development.

Why Aren’t Electric Vehicles Silent?

Compared with vehicles that use an internal combustion engine, EVs are much quieter.

This article explores the details surrounding AVAS devices.

EconetiQ are on a mission to build a dependable EV charging network in the UK, participating in the country’s growing EV market, and we believe in staying vigilant for any measures that can be taken to make this mission safer for everyone involved.

EconetiQ partners with the 100 Billion Trees Project

EconetiQ are delighted to partner with the 100 Billion Trees Project.

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econetiQ Staff Beach Clean with Plastic Free North Devon

September 10th, econetiQ embarked on a beach clean with Plastic Free North Devon.

Special thanks to Plastic Free North Devon for organizing and Swansea Environment Centre for supporting our youngest volunteers through the provision of litter pickers and litter picking hoops.

econetiQ’s Latest: Mere’s 120kW Electric Vehicle Charger

We at econetiQ are excited to announce our latest project in collaboration with Wiltshire Council and Mere Town Council/Mere Parish Council.

In early 2024, pending DNO work completion, we expect this ambitious initiative to come to life. We extend our sincere gratitude to Wiltshire Council and Mere Town Council/Mere Parish Council for their continued engagement with the project vision.

Shockingly Wrong, Part 1

In this initial article, we delve into the multifaceted aspects of the formation and dissemination of myths. Misinformation surrounding the electric vehicle (EV) industry is pervasive, prompting us at econetiQ to ponder, “How did this come to be?”

In this series opener, our goal is to question how these prevalent EV tales originate and spread. Following this article, we’ll journey into the labyrinthine realm of EV myths. We invite you to embark on this expedition with us!

Top 5 EV Uses In Europe

The EV (electric vehicle) industry is growing rapidly across borders, and it is refreshing to see the efforts made to see electric vehicles expand beyond the obvious yet important application of cars. Reaching net zero requires deep and rapid reductions in emissions of CO2 globally; switching all vehicles to electric offers a huge opportunity to provide the gear change we need for our environment. Knowledge is best when it is shared… in this article, we look at our favourite implementations of EV technology in 5 countries within Europe.

The Wireless World of EV Charging

Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to charge an EV (electric vehicle) without the use of plugs, stations, sockets, or cables. econetiQ digs a little deeper, to look at the benefits and also shortcomings of this futuristic type of charging…

ULEZ. An Inspiration for CAZ and LEZ

The ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) has been around in London since 2019. It is a scheme to improve the air quality in the city by lowering the number of vehicles present that do not meet emission standards. As the forerunner for Clean Air Zones (CAZ) introduced in other major cities around the UK, and Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Scotland; the plans pave the way for a healthier, carbon free future in our cities.

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