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econetiQ Staff Beach Clean with Plastic Free North Devon

EconetiQ News

econetiQ Plastic Free North Devon Beach Clean

One stormy Sunday on September 10th, we at econetiQ embarked on a beach clean with Plastic Free North Devon. Despite challenging weather conditions our team, their families, and enthusiastic volunteers stood united for a worthy cause, a force of 50, armed with litter pickers and unwavering determination.

When asked if he was going to enjoy the day, in serious tones William, age 7 said,

”Well, we need to pick up all the plastic to stop climate change”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! This just about sums up the progressive attitudes of those who attended the day.

2 hours were spent cleaning, contributing to a collection of 170kg of litter, hauled off the beach with three trucks filled to the brim. Guess what topped the trash charts? Clunky fishing gear, snack wrappers, sewage oddities, and loads of those sneaky microplastics. While the global plastic issue looms large, every effort counts. 

Plastic Free North Devon, an environmental charity, is on a mission to safeguard our environment through community-led action. Beyond clean-up events, they inspire individuals to reduce single-use plastic consumption and reconnect with nature. From October 1st there will be a ban on the supply of certain single-use plastics in England and Wales. Efforts in advocacy have clearly paid off for Plastic Free North Devon.

Greenpeace estimates that 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter oceans annually, fatally impacting surrounding wildlife. Every piece picked up from a beach makes a difference, and you can do your part with a #2minutebeachclean.

Special thanks to Plastic Free North Devon for organizing and Swansea Environment Centre for supporting our youngest volunteers through the provision of litter pickers and litter picking hoops.

Following the torrents of rain, the sun finally emerged, and the team were able to enjoy the cleaner beach together. At econetiQ, we are dedicated to driving positive change and will continue to engage in environmental initiatives.

It was inspiring to join PFND and witness the impact of a motivated group. We’re committed to supporting such initiatives and making a positive environmental impact.

Max Valentine

Director, econetiQ

Author, Tanya Szabo

Author, Tanya Szabo


Tanya is an experienced content writer and marketing strategist, focused on consumer behaviour, user insights and electric vehicle technology development.

Why Aren’t Electric Vehicles Silent?

Compared with vehicles that use an internal combustion engine, EVs are much quieter.

This article explores the details surrounding AVAS devices.

EconetiQ are on a mission to build a dependable EV charging network in the UK, participating in the country’s growing EV market, and we believe in staying vigilant for any measures that can be taken to make this mission safer for everyone involved.

EconetiQ partners with the 100 Billion Trees Project

EconetiQ are delighted to partner with the 100 Billion Trees Project.

Shockingly Wrong, Part 1

In this initial article, we delve into the multifaceted aspects of the formation and dissemination of myths. Misinformation surrounding the electric vehicle (EV) industry is pervasive, prompting us at econetiQ to ponder, “How did this come to be?”

In this series opener, our goal is to question how these prevalent EV tales originate and spread. Following this article, we’ll journey into the labyrinthine realm of EV myths. We invite you to embark on this expedition with us!

Top 5 EV Uses In Europe

The EV (electric vehicle) industry is growing rapidly across borders, and it is refreshing to see the efforts made to see electric vehicles expand beyond the obvious yet important application of cars. Reaching net zero requires deep and rapid reductions in emissions of CO2 globally; switching all vehicles to electric offers a huge opportunity to provide the gear change we need for our environment. Knowledge is best when it is shared… in this article, we look at our favourite implementations of EV technology in 5 countries within Europe.

The Wireless World of EV Charging

Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to charge an EV (electric vehicle) without the use of plugs, stations, sockets, or cables. econetiQ digs a little deeper, to look at the benefits and also shortcomings of this futuristic type of charging…

ULEZ. An Inspiration for CAZ and LEZ

The ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) has been around in London since 2019. It is a scheme to improve the air quality in the city by lowering the number of vehicles present that do not meet emission standards. As the forerunner for Clean Air Zones (CAZ) introduced in other major cities around the UK, and Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Scotland; the plans pave the way for a healthier, carbon free future in our cities.

ChargeSafe, Setting Industry Standards

ChargeSafe is a new initiative pushing for safer and more accessible EV (electric vehicle) charging sites which is key to the success of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure. ChargeSafe have set out to rate charging points using their 5-star rating system. Using these ratings, members of the public looking to charge their vehicles are better able to locate the right charging site for their requirements. Join us as we explore the work that ChargeSafe are doing.

Collaboration Agreement with Petroassist UK Ltd

The signing of the Collaboration Agreement between econetiQ and Petro Assist is the culmination of months of work to cultivate a close working relationship between the two parties. The development of a significant number of schemes across the UK will combine existing petrol forecourt sites with EVCP Hubs, utilising the Hellonext DC charger units. The formal commitment for the Collaboration Agreement followed a recent trip to Petro Tec’s Headquarters in Porto Portugal where final terms where agreed.

EV Charging Explained

As EVs (electric vehicles) increase in popularity throughout the UK, it is becoming more important to understand how to effectively charge your vehicle. Join us as we explore further.

Electric Trucks for Long-Haul Journeys

For a long time, the transport industry has relied on fossil fuels, namely diesel, to fuel trucks for long haul journeys. Now, with growing concern over the environmental impact and the need for sustainable solutions, electric trucks are appearing to be a promising alternative. Join us as we explore further.

Hawkins Lane

econetiQ are pleased to announce that they have signed the contract documents to fund the procurement, installation and ongoing management of an Autel rapid charging unit at the Hawkins lane development in Burton on Trent.

The signing of the contract documents has certainly been a high point for econetiQ.

Decarbonisation of the Power Grid

The decarbonisation of the power grid is an important step towards combatting climate change and building a sustainable future. It means reducing the carbon emissions of our energy production sources to alleviate the effects of global warming. The UK is a leader in this area, implementing impressive initiatives and setting milestones for the reduction of carbon emissions and the promotion of renewable energy strategies. Join us as we touch on the nuances associated with decarbonising the power grid.

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