Destinations & Attractions

Increase footfall and dwell time - get ahead of the curve with econetiQ.

Improve your brand and PR opportunities today with premium EV charging facilities.

econetiQ provide fully financed, no hassle and flexible provision of EV charge points into destination locations and attractions.

econetiQ charging solutions provide a variety of lucrative opportunities to attract and retain more satisfied customers and earn an additional risk free revenue. It is widely thougth that EV charging will become a consumer staple facitlity just like WiFi is now.

Provide customers with more

Attract more customers as EV charging becomes the norm and reward customer loyalty with free or discounted EV charge increasing satisfaction.

Sustainable brand benefits

It is good to be green - by installing one of our charging points you will show your customers a firm commitment to protecting the environment.

Increase dwell time

EV drivers spent an average of 70 minutes charging per visit which gives extra time to browse, make onsite purchases and enjoy themselves.

Additional risk free revenue

We pay for a turnkey installation at your site and in allowing us to do so, we will pay you a rental income. We make our income form the sale of the power to our EV customers.

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