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ChargeSafe, Setting Industry Standards

EV Aware

ChargeSafe is a new initiative pushing for safer and more accessible EV (electric vehicle) charging sites which is key to the success of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure. ChargeSafe have set out to rate charging points using their 5-star rating system. Using these ratings, members of the public looking to charge their vehicles are better able to locate the right charging site for their requirements. Here, we discuss the topline details…


The rating system used by ChargeSafe relies on a 140+ point unbiased inspection that assigns each site with a unique score reflecting the features of the site with regards to safety and accessibility. The inspection focusses on six key areas.

  • Accessibility: The degree to which the site’s design considers ease of use.
  • Compatibility: In terms of space for different vehicle models and sizes.
  • Environment: Is the site well lit? Does it have camera coverage?
  • Ease of use: How easy it is to pay and move through the site.
  • Facilities: Whether the site offers food and drink, toilet facilities, or accommodations.
  • E-Bikes: Is the site e-bike compatible?

ChargeSafe also take on community reviews of sites and use them to help prioritise which sites are most in need of direct inspection.

Benefits of ChargeSafe
We see many benefits to this initiative…

  • Safety and Accessibility are paramount qualities to be considered when looking at individual charging sites, and the ratings that ChargeSafe assign to those sites are supremely useful for identifying areas to improve at those sites to make them safer and more accessible.
  • Chargesafe accept no additional income from invested parties, with the exception of a network subscription fee, therefore inspections can be considered unbiased.
  • By enabling the public to rate sites themselves, EV charging sites are encouraged to be the best they can be through a grassroots, as well as a top-down approach.
  • ChargeSafe now offer a workshop, through which a provider, installer, or local authority can become a ‘ChargeSafe Certified Supplier’. This offers all providers the opportunity to take on the learning to progress any sites that may benefit from improvement, a supportive and end-to-end approach.

From our perspective at econetiQ, the work that ChargeSafe does is extremely important. We stand behind ChargeSafe’s push for greater safety and accessibility of charge points; and though we already take many of their requirements into account for our standard site development we have identified a number of areas where we can improve our network. We share the mantra that EV charging should be available to all. This is a positive step forward toward setting industry standards for a growing charger network; a vital step in supporting the UK’s EV vehicles.

Author: Connor Clarke, Marketing Associate, econetiQ

Connor is a green-conscious content writer based in Bristol. As an advocate for clean energy solutions, Connor is dedicated to inspiring and educating people to involve themselves in the EV industry.

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