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econetiQ is on a mission to build the UK's most convenient EV charging network

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The time is now. Everyone is moving to electric mobility, don't get left behind.

Join 1,000s of developers, property managers and building owners in providing state-of-the-art EV charging solutions for residents and customers. econetiQ supports our clients in the planning, design, installation, financing and maintenance of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Premium charging

Fast & Rapid charging giving the flexibility for different dwell times

100% financed

We can fund and operate the EV charging facilities at zero cost to you

Unlock new revenues

Earn risk free revenue from hosting EV charging points on your site

We are passionate about EVs and you should be too.

Our Mission

We're building a network of EV charging points in new and existing residential developments and commercial sites to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the UK.

Why we do it

To support the EV revolution through our straight forward and affordable charging network underpinned by the best technology and highest standards of client service.

Where we operate

We have identified the key markets where our EV chargers can service the maximum demand and market the biggest impact in the drive to decarbonising UK roads.

Private REntal schemes

The private rental sector is a growing sector of the housing market. Typically situated in locations where space and car parking is limited, a considered EV charging solution is vital.

high density residential

High density residential developments are often located in urban locations with communal car parking facilities which require a convenient EV charging solution.

Workplace & Fleets

With the availability of government grants and the significant cost saving of running an electric fleet, our EV charging solutions delivers real value to companies of all sizes.

Destinations & attractions

Retail and leisure outlets and other destination sites can reap the rewards of providing EV charging facilities as well as the additional benefits of increased customer dwell time.

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If you would like to understand our fully funded EV solution please get in touch.